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Unit Farm Led

Unit Farm Has Been Manufacturing LED Grow Lights for 9 years for other companies and worked with lots of indoor growers, colleges, specialty growers, commercial growers, and top rated research labs. Unit Farms products have been used throughout the cannabis growing industry under various other brands. Today they have decided to develop their very own brand to introduce to the indoor gardening enthusiast.

Unit Farm has seen a lot of low quality LED Grow light companies who use unknonw LED’s or Epistar LED’s and see’s the high rate of failure with these no name or low quality LED’s. Failures such as

  • Burnt out bulbs
  • Melted Lenses

These are all very embarrassing problems and these are LED’s other well known companies were forcing UF to produce for them even against the recommendation to not do so by UF to the brand owners. The brands were taking every cost cutting shortcut possible yet were not even passing that savings on to their customers.

Unit Farm decided to make a safe, high quality, low heat, low power consumption, high penetration, high yield , high power, truly full-spectrum LED grow light.

Unit Farms first series LED Grow Light

  • Unit Farm UFO Series 

Comprised of the two top brand LED’s

  • Cree Led
  • Osram Led

Unit Farm is different from other brands who prefer to use double or triple lenses to increase lumens, PAR, PPF, or PPFD at one point or another to tell lies. Unit Farm avoids using lenses to increase the output of their LED Grow Lights and truly increases the lumens, PAR, PPF, and PPFD in the coverage area. Unit Farm scientifically designs their lights to have the lowest failure rate in the LED Grow Light Industry.

No unnecessary or complex remote control, just a simple Veg & Bloom Modes for flexible use. Unit Farm Thinks Like Growers!

Unit Farm Grow Tents Were Developed with Five Factors in Consideration:

  1. fabric quality
  2. reflective rate
  3. pole quality
  4. lighting leaking
  5. and flexible use

especially the light leaking, they gathered a lot of information from growers and competitors and they know how important it is to avoid light leaks.

They use real  1680D fabric, 19mm metal poles and corners, magic fabric to cover the zippers. For your health, we will never and ever use any bad smell and toxic fabric to make our grow tents.