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SonneSpectrum Sonne Led Grow Lights

When asked what our choice is for Best Led Grow Lights 

this is a hard question to answer with so many new brands being introduced to the market. In the past we had our same top competitors yet today I am personally more impressed with some of the newer brands as far as overall quality, affordability, as well as profit margins are concerned.

I have personally always been a bit partial to Black Dog led due to the fact they provide live grow documentation backing up and even completely outperforming the expectations. These guys have done many live weigh ins with their lights. Given the proof in the pudding, it’s very hard to argue any claim that Black Dog Led makes.

One of the main reasons we carry Black Dog Led’s PhytoMAX-2 grow light is due to the fact Black Dog maintains brand value. Each company we’ve partnered with sets a prime example of how to maintain brand value.

However, the question at hand here was what our choice of best led grow light right now is. 

Sonne Grow Lights SonneSpectrum

Today I would personally have to go with the new Sonne grow lights that just came out. SonneSpectrum seems to cover all of the criteria for Best grow light

  • Affordability
  • Range of Spectrum
  • Length of Warranty
  • Appearance
  • Customer Service

While not taking anything away from any of the other companies we offer, this is just a personal favorite as I think it provides the same level quality as all of the current big names while being more affordable so that even a beginner can afford this grow light.

I however do not foresee Sonne Grow lights maintaining this low price point as they did specifically tell me that this pricing is only an introductory price to get their name out there so that growers may experience the level of quality and craftsmanship that goes into each light.


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