Join eXtreme Led Grow Lights Affiliate Program

Do you have a review website or large email list of clients?

Do You Want To Earn Up To $250,000 in Affiliate Commissions this year?

Then the eXtreme Led Grow Light Affiliate program may just be perfect for you to kickstart your income in 2018.

Why choose the eXtreme LED Grow Light Affiliate Program Over Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon Pays 6%-10% per referral that converts.The average commission from Amazon based on an average $500 purchase would be approximately $40.This means you would have to have 6,250 successful referrals purchase an average ticket of $500 to earn $250,000 this year. Not impossible at all but we can nearly cut that in half.eXtreme LED Grow Lights Affiliate Program pays a tiered structure pay scale.

Tier 3 Affiliate

$1-$25,000 in sales you will earn 10% Commission -Avg commission $50 You will earn.

$2,500 in commissions prior to moving to the next tier.

Tier 2 Affiliate

$25,001-$50,000 in Sales you will earn 15% Commission – Avg Commission.

$3,750 in commissions prior to moving to the next tier.

Tier 3 Affiliate

$50,001 and up you will earn 20% Commission.Here you will be earning 20% commission and you can see just how much this doubles your income once you reach this tier. You started out making $2,500 for every $25,000 in sales. At Amazon you only earned $1,625. Now you are earning $5,000 in affiliate commissions per every $25,000 in sales.


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